15 things you didn’t know about the caffeine-rich drink

    • In terms of financial value, coffee is the world’s second most valuable traded commodity, only behind petroleum.
    • Between 9:30 am and 11:30 am is the best time to consume coffee for more effectiveness.
    • The world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day.
    • This one is for cats and coffee lovers! You can drink your coffee while hanging out with cats at a cat cafe in korea and japan.
    • Coffee beans are actually fruit pits and not beans.
    • Your coffee can become more expensive if you don’t say hello and please when you order it in a Coffee Shop in France.
    • Try to hold your nose when you take a sip of your coffee and you will see that without the smell, coffee would only have a bitter and sour taste due to the organic acids.
    • The resemblance of the drink to the clothing of the Capuchin monks is the name where “Cappuccino” comes from.
    • According to legend, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia around 800AD through its effect on goats.
    • The world’s most expensive coffee is Sumatran Kopi Luwak, made from beans eaten and excreted by a civet cat before being processed.
    • 60kg of coffee beans is equal to one “bag” which is the standard unit for measuring coffee volume.
    • According to a recent survey, 61 per cent of Britons now prefer coffee to tea.
    • Decaffeinated coffee contains 2-12 milligrams of coffee per cup, whereas regular coffee has 95-200mg.
    • 50% of the caffeine you’ve consumed may be cleared from your body within 5 hours, but it will take over a day to fully eliminate it from your system.
    • It has been estimated it would take 70 cups of coffee to kill a 154-pound (70 kg) person.
    • Too much coffee and stress can produce higher levels of hallucination.
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