Have you ever wondered why things are named the way they are? Though etymology is definitely a thing, sometimes, word can feel so damn arbitrary. Find out the real name of everyday things.


Fireflies are actually beetles and not flies. Although they fly, they are nocturnal members of Lampyridae, a family of insects within the beetle order Coleoptera, or winged beetles. So yes fireflies are beetles!



Ok this will sound a bit crazy but bananas are berries, and straberries are not! They’re actually “accessory fruits”. It is known that a berry is produced by a single ovary, and the strawberry is not


3.Koala Bears

Koala “bears” aren’t a type of bear at all, as it turns out,they are are marsupials! They were called “Koala Bear” since the 18th century where people would name new animals based on what they looked like.



Jellyfish are actually cnidarians and not fish. Unlike fish, they don’t have a skeleton, a brain or central nervous system. The mysterious creature probably got the jellyfish name from where their place of living which is water.


5.Starfish (Sea Stars)

A starfish, unlike its commonly used name is not a fish at all but an echinoderm. They look nothing like a fish but they probably got the starfish name from where their place of living which is water.

6.Guinea Pigs

This guinea pig looks like she just found out she’s not actually a pig, but a rodent. Doesn’t matter what you call these little furballs, they’re still the cutest.



While peanuts may seem like the quintessential nut, they are actually not nuts at all. They are legumes. THEY SHOULD BE CALLED “PEAGUMES”


8.White Chocolate

It doesn’t look like chocolate or smell like chocolate, and it sure as hell doesn’t taste like chocolate. White chocolate actually doesn’t contain any cocoa solids, which is what qualifies chocolate as, well, chocolate. It’s made primarily from cocoa butter.



I’m sorry if this hurts you to hear, but the cheesecake is a pie, and should be called “cheesepie.” It’s a crust with a filling, which is not a cake but a pie.

Comment down below if the cheesecake is a cake or a pie?


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