1. The room mate surprise.

Twitter: @AlecPloof

2. The hotdog fiasco.

Twitter: @alohaxkeks


The “vodka burrito”.

Twitter: @jodiekinzzz


4. The Get Out incident.

5. The man bun inception.



6. The “game changer”.

Twitter: @NikolasOmilana

That pictures went viral and made our day!


7. The lina bean prank

Twitter: @TRXCXV


8. This ridiculous discovery.

Twitter: @texas_hellboy


9. The baby miracle

Twitter: @VivaLaJuicyEve


10. The booping dogs

Twitter: @Ni_av_h


11. This awkward lake dip.

Twitter: @ALBY_LAD


12. The two-month haircut.

Twitter: @Thatschuchi


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