15 Unexpected Tricks You Never Knew You Can Do With Nail Polish !

Most of us have tried at least once to get nail manicure at home, because we don’t need to be a professional manicurist to have beautiful nails. You’ll be surprised about the different uses of nail polish around the house !


Most of us have tried at least once to get nail manicure at home, because we don’t need to be a professional manicurist to have beautiful nails. So we all have acquired some old cool nail polish colors over the years that were all the rage back in the day and that we can’t use anymore. Or Maybe you’re just done with painting your nails, but you just don’t want to waste all that polish.

Well, we have the perfect solutions for you ! Nail enamel is a tough waterproof lacquer that has the possibility to hold up pretty good on all kinds of surfaces. You’ll be surprised about the different uses of nail polish around the house !

Let’s take a closer look at the 15 Unexpected Tricks You Can Do With Nail Enamel ! ….

1. Shoes

Love Maegan

This is one of the fun diys to do at home to give your old leather shoes a colorful new look. You can’t even tell that this was done only with nail polish or nail enamel! No need to throw out you old shoes, just paint them with nail enamel to make them look new again.


2. Make Matches Waterproof

Janine Ngai for LittleThings

Coating matches’ heads with some nail enamel can keep them working even if they get wet if you ever get caught in a damp situation.

Nail polish will burn, after scrapping off on the striking surface, in order to expose the dry emulsion underneath and allowing it to ignite.


3. Headphone cord

Crème De La Craft

This one is my favorite, you can make your headphones look stylish and unique using the nail polish colors you want! Express yourself and be creative …


4. Spoons

Moms And Crafters

Don’t hesitate to Give your utensils a bit of color when they are a bit on the dull side ! You can use your imagination to make your old and boring utensils look pretty again.


5. Stop A Run In Your Tights

Janine Ngai for LittleThings

Most of us have struggled at least once with laddered tights that were always awful and were ruining our outfits.

In order to stop the run in your tights from spreading, just apply a dab of clear polish over the snag to create a seal on the tights’ fibers.


6. Blinged out keys

A Thrifty Mom

If you were always forgetting which keys go where, like me, this idea is just for you! This will not only help you identify the keys, but it will make your keys look so pretty!


7. Faux crystals

Love Maegan

Who told you that good looking decor must come from an expensive famous store! From now on, turn your background boring rocks into gorgeous faux crystals! They look pretty expensive though!

8. Office supplies makeover


You just need to use your imagination and creation to come up with new ideas because you can paint nail enamel on just about anything! Take a look at these office supplies. They went from boring black to fun and chic!


9. Tighten A Screw

Janine Ngai for LittleThings

Tighten a screw by sticking it in place with a coat of polish. This can help bond it to the surface and stop it from coming loose as easily.

Use a clear polish so the fix won’t be easy to spot!


10. Washer necklace


Make your own custom jewelry by picking up some washers and throwing some nail polish into them to have a beautiful looking jewelry with the colors you need.

11. Donut glasses

Studio DIY

If you’re a donuts fan, this one is for you! Take a round pair of glasses and use bright and colorful nail polish to turn them into stylish donut sunglasses. This a perfect DIY to remember for the summer.


12. Flowers

Wonderful DIYWonderful DIY

How cute are these petite flowers! You can make them with only a bit of wire and some nail polish. You can then use the flowers to make headbands, or put them on the ends of bobby pins or anything else you can think of.


13. Marble dish

Paper And Stitch

These gorgeous dishes are made out of oven baked clay and then painted using nail polish to create this cool marble effect. These are perfect to give as gifts, or even to use yourself to store your jewelry.


14. Phone case

Brit + Co

If you have clear phone cases, it’s time to make them over! Take a look at this cute one here that was painted with nail polish.


15. Fix An Unraveled Shoelace

Janine Ngai for LittleThings

If a screw keeps coming loose, stick it in place with a coat of clear polish.

And since the polish is clear, the fix won’t be easy to spot!

Comment down below what’s your favorite hack, and make sure you share this with all of your crafty friends, too!

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